Catfish Safari

Guided fishing and lodging
Blue Catfish (river monsters) Spoonbill and Lodging


Michele Graham:

Going on a catfish safari was a terrific vacation. Even with lots of rain, Steve found the time for some great fishing! His right-hand man, Bradley, made it fun too!

Brittney Shott:

Spending a nice summer day on the lake with my boys fishing was by far one of the best days of summer last year. Thank you so much Steve.

Lorilee Mitchell:

After only a few hours of being on the boat we were able to reel in tons of fish which was so much fun and helped me bond with my grandchildren. Then finishing off the evening with a fish fry and comfortable, relaxing lodging made this the best mini vacation of my life. Thank you Steve for the great experience and for bringing Bradley along which made it even better. I look forward to next time.

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